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We’ve taken the proven formula of our Graphene Ceramic Coating and upgraded it to the MAX. The increased net percentage of graphene in this enhanced coating creates a better hardness and greater shine. Easy to apply and remove, MaxShine’s Graphene-Max Ceramic Car Coating provides longer lasting protection and hydrophobicity.


Our Formula combines Ceramic and Graphene giving you the best of both worlds. This cocktail keeps your vehicles show shine better, longer and makes washing a breeze. Better than ceramic alone or any other wax or sealant. True hydrophobicity from graphene ceramic coating dispels water and other fall out from sticking to the vehicle and causing long term damage.

Hydrophobic properties expedite and simplify washing

Long-lasting protection thwarts UV and oxidation damage

Enhanced resistance to washing scratches, water spotting, and other stains

Ideal for both beginners and professionals; no certification required

Includes gloves and applicators for a comprehensive coating kit