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Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing for the shine you want inside and out

Meguiar’s D170 Hyper Dressing is a professional water based dressing tailored towards providing detailers exceptional results on non-painted interior and exterior rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces. This versatile formula allows detailers and enthusiasts to control how much shine they want as it dilutes anywhere from 1:1 for a high gloss appearance to 4:1 for a natural finish. Because it’s a water based dressing, it absorbs into rubber surfaces making it much less likely for it to spin-off when used as a tire dressing. Hyper Dressing is like having multiple products in one as it excels at producing an amazing richness and shine on a variety of different rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces both inside and out. One product, many multiple uses in an easy-to-use spray allowing you to put on the final touches for a professional appearance.

  • Highest shine possible inside or out
  • Dilutes up to 4:1 for variable shine
  • Water-based

 Now available in an easily accessible Ready-to-Use format.